This priest tried to act like a gentleman, but then the nun said this.

There are times when you tried to act as a gentleman but someone takes advantage of you. This is one such story of a priest and a nun were stuck in a snowstorm and lost their way. They started wandering and encountered a cabin. Since both of them were fatigued they decided to spend the night in the cabin. In the cabin there was a cabin and a bed. The priest as a gentleman offer the nun and he himself slept of the floor. When he was in the sleeping bag and had just zipped the bag, the nun told him that she was feeling cold. He unzipped his bag and gave her a blanket from the stack of blankets that was available in the cabin. After a while when the priest was falling asleep, the nun again asked for a blanket. The priest as a gentleman came out of his sleeping bag and gave her a blanket. What followed next is absolutely hilarious.



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