This Pit Bull Beat Cancer On His 11th Birthday! Watch What They Did For Him

The pit bull in this clip is named Wallace. This amazing dog received a hemangiosarcoma diagnosis and when this video has been shot, he had managed to beat this rapidly forming cancer. Most dogs who receive the same diagnosis as Wallace do not make it to see their next birthday. Wallace is living proof that you do not have to lay down and accept your circumstances without a fight.

Upon receiving his diagnosis, Wallace was given a mere two months to live, three at best. However, his father knew that he was going to do everything in his power to fight through the pain.

Thanks to this video, we are able to watch Wallace and enjoy his recovery along with him. He made it to his 11th birthday and survived for a full seven months without chemotherapy. While most would not have predicted that he would live to see his 11th birthday, Wallace is more than happy to prove the skeptics wrong.

Dad decided to show Wallace just how much that his continued good health meant to him, by giving him a birthday celebration that he would not soon forget. Wallace received an incredibly thoughtful birthday celebration, filled with his favorite toys, treats and other assorted goodies.