This man undermines a Texan, what followed is Gold.

A Texan was driving in his car, Volkswagen Beetle when he saw a Rolls Royce at the stop sign. After rolling down his window, he asked the owner of the Rolls Royce whether he had a phone installed in there. The owner of the Rolls Royce gave him an affirmative answer, which led to another inquest by the Texan. This time he enquired whether he had GPS in his car, to which the Rolls Royce owner replied yes. When the stop sign was about to turn green, the Texan asked a final question that was whether he had double bed in the backseat. The stunned Rolls Royce owner said no and felt cheated. Find out what this insult made him do and what did he actually achieve at the end of it. After reading this story, you will never take any Texan lightly.


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