This great act of kindness and humanity can truly bring enormous change in a person‘s life and had made my day.

It was quite a
lucky day for that woman when she recently opened her door and found an
unmarked envelope containing $1000 along with a letter and no return address
marked. That letter truly made her heart and equally mine to burst out into
tears because of the gratitude and sheer joy. It’s something that will be unforgettable
for her.

The letter was
about the story of a deceased family member who just loves to do noble deeds
for the needy ones. After finishing the letter the woman realized that the gift
was in her fate. No one can be needier than her mother, who is fighting from
the ovarian cancer since last three years, was in a keen need of money to pay
the hefty medicals bills.

These simple and sweet acts can truly
can convert the world into a better place altogether. As said by Gandhi ji “Be
the change you want to see in this world” is an appropriate example showing the
power of kindness. Might be the stranger is not having the idea what magical effect
will his act of kindness could be on the lives of both the woman and her

So, we all hope who ever this
stranger superhero is, he will surely get multiple paid backs in the karma

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