This family shows the power of affection and effort with togetherness can help in completing superb things

of togetherness is peerless. Some projects need the involvement of whole family
like this project. If your family gets indulge in any such project then it
really helps them to come closer. It also gives chance to every member of the
family to give their own effort in completion of the project. A family decided
to redo the home floors at their own rather than hiring the professional hands.
This project was about to take 18 months to get completed.



family took a very creative and wise decision. They took the renounced pallets
which were used for transporting coconut oil to US. These idle pallets turned
in to appealing hardwood flooring in their home.


step was not easy, as the family needed to remove the nails from the pallets.
In fact this young kid of the family wanted to give his contribution for the





tremendous hard work the family removed near about 9000 nails from pallets.


the process of de-nailed, pallets needed to get sanded and refinish.





process was not that much easy. This is why a close friend of the family raised
his helping hand for the completion of the process.





the process of pallets getting sanded and refinished, the process of assembling
the floor started. It was time consuming though.



at the progress.





for everyone was defined, but this kid just want some free moments to play with
pieces of wood.





the final touch i.e. nailing, sanding the floorboards in to the desired place,
the room looks incredibly attractive.





project required great effort and tome altogether. The family completed it with
togetherness and also with the help of their close friend. This is spectacular.





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