This daughter once said that she hated her father, but then she received a phone call.

There are times in our life, when we say hurtful things to the people we love. This is one such story of a daughter who told her father that she hated him. One day, he was admitted to the hospital. The nurse who was taking care of him went to check his vitals. He asked for a paper and pen, so the nurse handed him what he asked for. He also asked the nurse to call his daughter. After she went back to the cabin, she called his daughter. The daughter was devastated by the news and shared an old story. She wanted to apologize to her father just once as she said that she hated him when she was 21 years old. The daughter begged to the nurse to take good care of her father and she would come to visit her within 30 minutes. However, things changed dramatically after that. What actually followed is Heartbreaking.


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