This Cute baby is having world’s best eye-patches

Layla is
the daughter of Redditor Gfgrubb. She is having a small cataract in her right
eye. As per the doctor’s prescription, she has to wear an eye patch for two
hours a day over her left eyes. His amazing dad found a very nice way to turn
this monotonous corrective adhesive to a very cool sticker for Layla.

Here is

Oh! How
happy she is….

She just
loves it

Very classy

Layla is
looking more adorable than the real Minions.


A big Fan
of Super Mario

Layla loves reading

It’s shopping time for Layla

Party hard

princess Layla

That’s so

Father and
daughter are like each other.

Layla is
undoubtedly having one of the world’s best fathers. He had done a fantastic
job. All the patches were looking incredible. Layla is looking super cute in
all of them.

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