This artistic man creates the appealing delineations of pets as per their personalities

Chris Beetow is the man, who creates these immensely
admirable illustrations of pets, and you will witness that these illustrations
are not mere the artistic creation, but they are more, than that for sure,
Chris creates these delineations after talking, to the owners of the pets, so
that he may get well aware about their ardors and funny modus, and then he transform
them, into his remarkable delineations, and these photos are far more
expressive than the regular ones for sure.

good-looking Ralph

Owner of this dog states that Ralph was so adorable and well aware about his
mesmerizing looks, though maybe not the most penetrating.

The phobic
cat Rubi 

She is eminent for her fear of spiders.

little Daisy 

This tiny pig was considered as sweeter from the sweetest.

The elegant
guy Ace 

Ace is described as a bit distinct but immensely elegant for sure.

Bella the

She was depicted as the ductile petal of flower.


Tilly the


Frankie the
saved muscular pit bull 

Frankie has gone through a testing life, but he has got saved from such and now
he has got a loving home and it feels so good to make this picture of him.


Slumberous Elliot 

This dog love to be drowsy all the time.


Sunny the


Grover the
Allegro Guy 

This dog is so cute and adorable, and you will love to see him playing around


Swingeing Sprite


Leo the
monarch of the house 

Leo proves that size doesn’t matter to rule.


Beezer the

Beezer is obsessed about his monster toy, so it should always be near him.


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