These spectacular animals are chronic than trees

Pleasant life on earth largely depends on
the trees, because they were on earth well before the existence of human being.
Trees are prominent source of oxygen, and they absorb the needless and harmful
gases as well. But some of the animals have also shown great stability and zeal
to overcome the adverse situations. Following are the animals that are
successfully living from large span of time, because of their flexible
lifestyle and contemporary approach to survive.

Horseshoe Crabs
– These hard hitting crabs are the
prime example, of survival for an extremely long period and still counting.
They are surviving on earth since 450 million years ago, while the latest
modern tree back to between 345 and 360 million year ago, which tells the
success story of these Horse shoe crabs.

– The presence of sharks on earth is old
about 400 to 450 million years ago, they are spread big numbers in oceans.
Today more than 470 species of sharks exist.

Jelly Fish
– If you talk about the oldest
multi-organ creature on earth, then it is jelly fish by all means. It is half a
billion years old on earth.

4. Nautiluses– These sea creatures are 500 million years old, which is a mammoth
period of time for sure. They are also famous as living fossils. 

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