These older people shows that age is just a number for them

No one likes to get old, but we cannot do anything to stop it. Every
birthday reminds us of the opportunities that are missed and the people we have not interacted for a long time. Due to responsibilities or eagerness to thrive in the job
we sometimes forget to enjoy the life and 
don’t pursue the hobbies.

Vladimir Yakolev started a project named as The Age of
Happiness. The idea about this project was to dismantle preconceived notion
about old people, and how person from the age group of 60 to 100 lives their
life. This project shows that negative thoughts hold people back from fully
enjoying the old life.

1)    Ruth

At the tender age of 68, she decided to DJ, it has been 4 years now and she is
still doing it

2)    Annetta

She may be 70, but she look 
like a 40 years old because of her strict vegan diet.

3)     Dr. Jeffrey Life

He started working out at the ripe age of 60 and just look at him now

4)    Duan Tzinfu

Acrobatic tricks at 70. He certainly makes younger athletes jealous.   

5)    Lloyd Kahn

Started skateboarding at the age of 65 and he is still doing it at 78.

6)    Pat and Alicia Moorhead

Pat is 88 years old and Alicia is 66 and they spend their time doing their
favorite thing which is skydiving.  

7)    Greta Pontarelly

Pole dancing at the age of 61. Just WOW…

8)    Robert Marchand

He may be 102 year-old but he nothing can stop him from enjoying his cycling. 

9)    Doris Long

Can anyone believe that she is 100 years old and doing industrial climbing. She
started this hobby at the age of 85.

10) Cindy Joseph

She is a model, fitness enthusiast and runs a very successful video blog, and
she is just 61. Hoping for more from her.

11) Alexander Rozental

An amazing Mountain skier who is just 96 years old.

12) Lynn Ruth Miller

Believe me she is one of the best stand-up comedian you will ever see. She started
at the age of 70, and she is still going strong at 80.  

13) Yvonne Dowlen

Ice skating at the age of 87.

14) Jim Morris

the age of 50 he became vegetarian and at the 65 he turned began. Now 78
year-old, he is an inspiration for very bodybuilders.  

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