The wind blew her skirt while she was placing golf ball, but the husband reaction is Epic.

A Swedish wife was golfing when she had walked to the tee to place the ball. A strong wind blew her skirt revealing that she isn’t wearing any underwear under the skirt. The husband was disturbed at the scene and wanted to know why she isn’t wearing any undergarment. She complained that she don’t receive much money to buy herself undergarment. The husband handed her $50 bill asked her to purchase the essentials. An Irish woman walked up to the tee next an again a strong breeze blew her skirt, also revealing that she is also not wearing any undergarment. The reason of her not wearing anything under the skirt was same. The husband gave her $20 and asked her to make purchase of underwear. However, what followed next is absolutely hilarious and shocking. Read the full post to know what happened.


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