The most incredible tiny, old book that can beat any modern book

technology of book was developed centuries ago. From the hand written to the
electronic ones, all of them are holding vast literature in themselves.

It’s fun to
read book on the latest gadgets like your laptop and tablets but they can never
compete with the physical books. This book is of 16th century
appears quite strange but it’s full of mind blowing features. The covers are
made up of decorated leather. Metal clasps are attached for binding the pages.
Let’s see what is so amazing about this book.

This is how
it appears when it is closed.

This book
can be read in numerous ways which strictly depends on which clasp is open.

embellishment on the cover

binding method is used for making this amazing book. The process is repeated
multiple times that allows the reader to read this book in six different ways.

Not so
normal as it appears.

Take a look

And this is
how it works.

incredible book was made 500 century ago. But it’s still having the capability
to charm all the eReaders.

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