The eight food items that have faced injustice all their lives. WOW

Not many people know the art of slicing, chopping or cutting various kinds of food items and it’s not even mandatory. But knowing the same definitely comes with its own sets of perks. Are you really sure that you have been cutting and slicing all the fruits and veggies and everything else the right away? Well, not really. Take a look at this exclusive and exhaustive list to know the food items that have faced the wrath of being murdered the wrong way ever since their existence. Don’t worry; there are also the correct ways of slicing and chopping all of them.

Cherry tomatoes

1Squeeze the tomatoes light and then slice them with a sharp knife.

2Use the spoon to scoop out the main ingredient. You are not required to cut them.

Mandarins 3Whoever invented this idea is a GENIUS

Pomegranates4Just cut the top and bottom and cut them into section.

Avocados 5Just use the spoon to eat the content.

Watermelon 7Cut the corners and leave the middle part. You can use it to hold the watermelon.

Cake 8

Cut it from the centre so that the remaining part doesn’t dry out.

Limes10Follow the above steps.

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