The best elderly joke ever and it is just awesome.

This post is a conversation of 3 men and the best elderly joke. Three of them are of different age. One sixty, another 70 and the other one was 80. They were having a conversation at a nursing home. The 60 year old man said that the 60 is the worst age. The 70 year old man said that in the age of 70 people cannot crap anymore. And the 80 year old man said that the 80 is the worst age. But, when the 60 year man asked the 80 year man he has any problem in peeping. He said no he pee every morning at 6 am. When again he was asked that, does he have a problem in crapping? He again said no he crap every morning at 6.30 am. Then the 60 year old man asked then where is the problem what he replied was just awesome. Read this elderly joke and know that what the 80 year old man said in reply.

elderly joke