The strange rattle snake festival of this town

In Texas, the town of Sweetwater throws a feast that you have never seen before. In the mid of March, people from all around the world gather up to experience the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Round-Up.

Hundreds of snakes were brought here by the hunters especially for this unusual event. Although the methods used by the hunters for catching the reptiles is controversial but still this festival grabs a lot of attention. These are the snaps taken from the 55th annual Rattlesnake Round-Up 2013 by David Kasnic.

Rattle snake, one of the poisonous species of snakes.

Similar kind of rattlesnake festival is organised in Florida, San Antonio, Oklahoma, Round Rock, Apache, Texas etc.

The mega hunt for the rattle snake is going on in Sweetwater.
Hunters search for rattlesnakes inside a cave by spraying gasoline.

Rest is crucial after spending long hours for hunting the reptile. Hopefully they have checked properly that there is no snake near them before relaxing.


The grand performance on the rattlesnake festival.
Miss Snake Charmer 2013, Kyndra Vaught.

These performers just love rattlesnakes.
A musician prepares to perform in one of the snake pits at the roundup.

People love to print their names and sign using snake blood.

Rattlesnake eating contest!!!

Undoubtedly, this one is amongst the strangest festival around the wonder. Next time for the party, you can keep an option between snacks and snakes!

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