Star Wars fans turned the IKEA Lamp into a Death Star


Lylelo and her partner are both Star Wars fans. They recently spotted the IKEA PS 20144 lamp and thought that it looks a lot like a Death Star. They normally set a plain white lamp to transform into the Death Star by using careful masking tape and painted it. The results are just awesome. (S)

This Death Star from pain IKEA lamp is easy and looks amazing

The Death Star starts life as a plain white PS 2014 lamp from IKEA

Then the areas that you want cover it by using masking tape. It should stay lighter

Then a stencil created by hand of the Death Stars weapon is applied

Once you are happy with the look and shape of the pattern you have created, paint the lamp

Once dry, begin to remove the masking tape and then extra details

This was painted with a fine brush

Then hang your Death Star lamp on the ceiling with a hook

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