Staffordshire Dog Diva became a proud mother by delivering healthy puppies

The two wonderful dogs began their love story in June 2013. A 3 year old Staffordshire named Diva fell in a deep love with Joey who is a 13 year old shepherd mix. Just after two months Staffordshire Dog Diva became pregnant. Pepijn who is the father of Diva could notice that her belly was growing huge day by day. And there was a sufficient reason for her having such big bump. She gave birth to 13 little miracles just after 59 days. As it was the first time for Diva, she was a little scared when she gave birth to the first puppy. But her parents were present by her side to provide her moral support and help. Staffordshire Dog Diva became serene during rest of her deliveries after she decides to sit down in a more comfortable position. The most beautiful thing is that all the 13 puppies are alive and fit. Just look on the video to view the exciting moment which has been revealed.  Giving birth to a child is the most precious moment for all the mothers of this world whether they walk on two legs or fours all feel the same.

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