Shetland Ponies rescued from cruel owners. Shameful

It seems that there is no end to animal cruelty. People who purchase them only think about profiting from them. In this video we will show one such incidents where Shetland ponies rescued from owner who had no use of them after making huge profit. Hillside Animal Rescue came to the rescue of these ponies. In total, 30 Shetland Ponies rescued was by charity. The owner made them breed and when they were of no use, they were discarded. The charity after taking them in their farm gave them all the proper medical treatment, dewormed them and also trimmed their tail. After all these tasks were completed they shifted the ponies to the sanctuary so that could meet new friends and explore the area. Treating animals harshly and leave them when they are of no use is a shameful act which needs to be condemned.

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