7 Simple Effectual Exercises to Transform Your Body

With every New Year, comes the time of taking a new resolution. And for many people, the resolution might be the new fitness routine. But unfortunately, this new routine usually doesn’t last for a long time for maximum individuals. People get demoralized between the committed time and the real effort.

To help you out from such situation, we have brought up the seven simple effectual exercises that will aid in transforming your body within ten minutes per day within four months. You just have to stick to this routine to get the ultimate result.

  1. Plank

This is one of the most important exercises that must be done regularly. It aids in tightening and strengthening the core, which eventually enhances stability as well as strength. You have to prop yourself on forearms along with the feet and keep the back straight perfectly. Keeping the core tight, you need to hold it for meantime within 10 seconds and one minute. However, it would depend on the fitness level of yours.


  1. Push-ups

Push-up is the ancestor of upper body exercises. This exercise is quiet common all over and is an excellent way to form the shoulders, chest, and triceps including the core. To do it you need to begin in plank and then take the body downwards and press up the back. While doing the push-up, you have to keep the body perfectly straight all through.

  1. Bird Dog

The exercise is inspired by yoga. This exercise is just perfect to tone the glutes and thighs. You have to begin on all hands and legs, and then stretch out one leg along with the other arm stretched out straight in front. Likewise, you have to repeat it with another side.

  1. Squats

Like push-up is the exercise of upper body, squats are for training lower body. For doing it, you need to first keep the feet in shoulder width apart. After this, begin to squat down and back imagining sitting in a chair. The back has to be kept straight and if it is necessary you can extend outwards the arms for balancing. Then, just lift yourself back slowly.

  1. Ab Crunches

For doing Ab crunches, you need to first lie on back flatly, raising a leg along with bending at the knee. After this, you have to touch hand on the knee and repeat the same thing with another side.

  1. Downward-Facing Dog Ab crunch

At first, you have to get your body in triangular position and keep the back and legs straight to form a perfect ‘V’. After this, lift up one leg in the air and then bring it slowly towards the chest. You need to try touching the nose to the kneecap. Returning to the start-up position, you have to repeat the same thing with the other leg.

  1. Oblique Twist

Begin with keeping the legs wide apart and bent the knees slightly. Propping against the wall, you have to now swivel your body side to side holding a ball in hand and try touching the wall with it.

Hence, these are the exercises which you need to work out and here is how to put all these together in the four-week routine.

The Four-Week Workout Routine

Week 1:

These are the things to be followed for six days:

  • 2 minutes plank
  • 1-minute pushups
  • 1-minute bird dog
  • 1-minute ab crunch
  • 1-minute down-dog crunch
  • 1-minute oblique twist
  • 2 minutes plank

Take rest for 10 seconds after each exercise

Week 2:

You have to alternatively follow these sets for about six days

Set 1:

  • 3 minutes plank
  • 3 minutes ab crunch
  • 3 minutes bird dog

Take rest for 15 seconds after each exercise

Set 2:

  • 3 minutes oblique twist
  • 3 minutes push-ups
  • 3 minutes down-dog crunch.

Take rest for 15 seconds after each exercise

Week 3: Repeat the exercises of Week 1

Week 4: Repeat the sets of Week 2.


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