A school partnered with a funeral home to impart lesson. Find out why it has gone viral

Mike Pojman from Roxbury Latin boys’ school initiated a program for the school children. In this program the school partnered with a funeral home. The school students would have to carry casket for the people who don’t have family or friends. The volunteered students read this poem at the funeral “Dear Lord, thank you for opening our hearts and minds to this corporal work of mercy. We are here to bear witness to the life and passing of Nicholas Miller. He died alone with no family to comfort him. But today we are his family. We are here as his sons. We are honored to stand together before him now, to commemorate his life, and to remember him in death, as we commend his soul to his eternal rest.” This experience made a huge impact on them. You have to watch the whole video to know the real crux of the story.

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