School Girl will operate a radio station to speak with Tim peake From Earth

School Girl will operate a radio station to speak with Tim peake From Earth

Tim peak is a British astronaut, and Jessica Leigh who recently got her licence of becoming amateur radio user by passing the radio exams. She is getting the opportunity to call Tim peake and talk to him from Earth.

Tim Peake is currently positioned in International Space Station, and Jessica Leigh who is a student from Sandringham School is going to operate VHF/UHF amateur radio that will enable her school to directly converse with Tim Peake.

This talented student is going to manage a group of ten students who will question Tim Peake. This call is going to happen on Friday.

This whole conversation will be telecasted live by Amateur Radio on International space station (ARISS). This would be possible because ISS will be crossing over UK at 8.47 am.

The conversation between school and the ISS will continue as long as they are in range of the ground station.

Astronaut Tim Peake will have conversation with nine other schools, and this is a part of an organized competition conducted by UK Space Agency, European Space Agency and Radio society of Great Britain.
This is the live feed below

The schedule for the live streaming is given below:

  • 0800 UTC – The live streaming will start
  • 0800-0830 UTC – The staff of Sandringham school will be welcoming all the Guests and visitors who are going to attend the live streaming. They will be given an overview of educational activities and other learning experience that has been taken under from the start of academic year.
  • 0830 UTC – the ARISS team will take over and they will present a brief about the team and what the visitors can expect during the telecast.
  • 0845 UTC – necessary preparations for communication will be done.
  • 0900 UTC – after the preparations are done, the control will be handed over by ARISS back to the school, and students can start questioning Tim Peake.
  • 0100 UTC – The ARISS contact from Sandringham school will conclude and close down.

There are some questions students will ask.

  1. What do you think Isaac Newton would say if he knew that the name of your mission was based on his book?
  2. If you had a liquid hydrocarbon in space would the intermolecular forces be strong enough to hold it in a ball of liquid?
  3. How are rapid cooling of liquid metals performed in the EML experiment?
  4. The EML is being used to study alloy structure and formation. What are the benefits of using space as a scientific platform?
  5. What would happen to a helium balloon aboard the ISS?
  6. With the EXPOSE-R2 experiment, are you able to predict if any samples will be able to survive outside in space?
  7. What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you so far on the ISS?
  8. With your view of earth, is there one thing which stands out visually?
  9. We hear that you are planning on driving the Mars Rover from space, how does that work?
  10. Does gravity affect time and aging?
  11. If you could visit any planet in the solar system (which isn’t gas), which planet would you visit and why?
  12. How does your body feel when you are weightless?
  13. What did you bring with you to the ISS?
  14. Is the sun more powerful in space?
  15. Did you want to be an astronaut when you were a boy and is it like you thought it would be?
  16. As you are communicating with us, do you get the chance to communicate with your family?
  17. If you could send any message out into space what would it be?
  18. What do you think the hardest adjustment in coming back down to Earth will be?
  19. What is the most amazing thing you have seen in space?


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