How puppies make our life better?

Life is incomplete without pets, and they made our life much more tolerable and fun. Cute little Puppies are one such animal who brings a smile to anyone’s face no matter how glum they are. Puppies have a positive impact on our lives and many doctors suggest them as pets. This video we will show you how puppies make our life better. The video is made by Puppy Chow by collaborating with SoulPancake. The video showcases three places i.e. retirement home, pre-school and a gym. The reactions of the people in these places are captured and it shows how positive being they really are. The smile and happy faces shows that puppies make our life better. For every view of this video, Puppy Chow will donate one pound of food to animal shelter. So watch this video as many times as possible and share it with others too.


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