Police are called on boy selling “ice cold beer”

We are in the thick of summer, and the temperature is rising quickly. This is the ideal time for a refreshing cold beverage.

So this is the perfect time of year for kids all around the country to take advantage of it by going outside to the front lawn and setting up a traditional lemonade stand.

A small boy, though, had a better thought. He knew what the adults truly wanted to drink, and until the police arrived, his scheme was quite profitable.

On Wednesday, a young man from Brigham City, Utah, put up a drink kiosk that immediately generated a commotion.

He had the following sign up:

Evidently, the young man was selling beer. On the one hand, this is really shrewd because who doesn’t appreciate a cold beverage on a hot afternoon?

He’s underage, and it’s obviously troubling since his stand probably doesn’t have a liquor license.

Naturally, worried neighbors and bystanders made the decision to call the police in an effort to close down the enterprising youngster’s illegal alcohol business.

The Brigham City Police Department dispatched officers who arrived prepared to act.

But afterwards, they gave his sign a closer look.He was indeed selling root beer.

Just take a look at the child’s face in that picture and the tiny smiley face on the sign.

That is the expression of a child who has just executed a skillful trolling.

The boy was allowed to carry on by the cops. Additionally, it appears that business is brisk when he is not being pursued by the law.

“His marketing strategy has resulted in several calls to the BCPD, but apparently [it’s] paid off as business has been good,” the Brigham Police wrote in a Facebook post.

It’s obvious that this young man has a career in advertising ahead of him.

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