Pictures of pets after they were complimented

Did you call your pet by good boy or good girl and they excited? Then you are not alone in feeling that way. Recently, many pet owners shared the pictures of their pet who also gets excited whenever their owner says those magical words. These pictures of pets are the best thing you are going to see today and will fill you day with joy apart from few grumpy animals.
1) He just heard these magical words from this owner. Look at his waging tongue

2) This adorable pet was waited for whole day to hear those words

3) Even though he is deaf, but still he can lip read. His expression tell it all

4) Cats are from another planet and they don’t care about your compliment. They are only interested in food and a warm spot

5) Let’s hope she is smiling inside

6) She is embarrassed about the compliment, but still likes it

7) Both of them had enough of compliments and now are just looking for some food

8) His sweet smile is infectious

9) This snowball loves the adulation and compliment

10) Thanks for all these kind words but how do I look now?

11) Sorry, but I have better things to do with my life

12) This is how much I am going to change in the year 2017

13) This Golden Retriever was having a bad day but then the owner utter those magical words

14) I am teasing you with my tongue. Can you spot it?

15) Who could have thought that parrots like being complemented too?

Did you like these adorable pictures of pets? If you did then please ensure that you pass it to others too. And also share your pictures of pets with us.