Photos enlightening the enigmatic life of a girl in Egypt

These photos are of a mysterious girl in Egypt. This girl really carried a magnetic attraction in her personality. This girl looked worried, thoughtful and wanders in her own created world. Her innocence asked numerous questions from the people near her surroundings.

This 17-year-old girl looked immensely mysterious. It was a difficult to decide whether she was a psychopath, genie’s daughter or just an adorable girl.

image 1

This Egyptian girl decided to dump the complete world to construct her own globe in “Sina”.

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She got immense success in her goal. Soon she built swinging bonds with leaders of tribes, workers and even with the strangers as well. She had something special in her for sure.

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She lived there as a free spirit. She secured her drinks, food and residing stead in lieu of impermanent services she is endowing to staff and owners of the camp. Apart from this, she lived like a free bird.

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People have different thoughts for her. Some believe that a wicked spirit affected her; some think that she was insane. Some people also raised questions whether she was human or not. She lived in her own world, maybe not liked by other people though.

image 14

image 15

Her eyes seem like a calm sea, but they carry numerous unveiled pages inside.

image 16

image 17

Wearing abayas and kaftan she was moving in desert… unaware about the dangers.

image 18

This adopted puppy was her only mate in loneliness and in gatherings as well.

image 19

Her voice was immensely captivating and serene, the voice was something special for sure. This is why some people believe that she was certainly distinct than the usual.

image 20

She was a free bird, and she always listened to her heart. May be that is the reason why people considered her distinct than the usual. She was different certainly, but in a positive manner. She taught us about the charm of living care free and listening to our heart.

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