Person dubbed ‘World’s most modified man’ reveals how he looked before all the surgeries

For many years, people have been getting tattoos and body piercings. Some people decide they want a tattoo as a way to remember a deceased family member, friend, or pet, while others view tattoos as works of art that look good on the body.

But when it comes to body modification with tattoos and piercings, no one even comes close to Anthony Loffredo. The 34-year-old Frenchman’s physique has undergone numerous alterations, including a darkened face, split tongue, and cut ears. He also has subdermal implants on his forehead.

Anthony Loffredo is known as the “Black Alien,” and he has undergone an extraordinary change.

Black Alien

The body of a human being is amazing. Simply the fact that the body can heal a wound is like something out of a magic book, and when you think about it, we actually have a machine living inside of us.

Our body emits a very small quantity of light that is too feeble for the eye to see, information travels down nerves at a rate of approximately 248 mph, and experts believe that the nose can distinguish between roughly a trillion different odors. When we are asleep, our brain is more busy than when we are awake.

The human body contains numerous aspects that are either too advanced or intricate to fully comprehend, and the same is true of our appearance. It is astonishing and precisely planned in biology for evolution to have provided us with instruments like each hand and foot having five fingers and five toes.

Even though our bodies appear to have adapted to evolution remarkably well, some people desire to go even further.

Many people have made the decision to alter their bodies in a variety of ways. However, a new person is currently receiving a lot of online attention. His name is Anthony Loffredo, yet he is better known by the moniker “Black Alien.”

After more than ten years of physical alterations, he now resembles a non-human more than a human. So what spurred him on? Here is everything you need to know about him, including the most peculiar change he underwent recently.

Now, he looks like an extraterrestrial creature.

Black Alien

Anthony Loffredo has been turning heads with his body alterations for more than ten years. He was always tremendously captivated as a child by the human body and the various ways it could be “molded.”

Who is Black Alien?

“Since I was little, I have been passionate about the mutations and transformations of the human body,” he told the French media outlet Midilibre.

Andy, the younger brother of Anthony, reflects on the moment “Black Alien” became his passion. He mainly practiced the fundamentals of bodybuilding as a teenager. Anthony first became interested in body alteration through bodybuilding. He saw bodybuilding as a means to change people’s bodies by seeing them gain more and more muscle.

“From the age of 10, he used the internet to watch bodybuilders’ bodies “transform,” Anthony recalled.

Anthony Loffredo was a security guard in his twenties. But something didn’t seem quite right. Anthony made the decision to change careers because he didn’t feel like he was living the life he wanted to.

“I stopped everything at 24 and left for Australia. It has become normal, even unconscious, to constantly think about my plans [for the body modification] for the next few months,” he said, adding that he loves to get into the shoes of a “scary character.”

“I often settle down somewhere and play a role, especially at night in the dark streets. I explore the contrast between the role I play and myself.”

As Loffredo returned to France after a stint in Australia, he decided to “sculpture” his body. Over four years, he went through with his major transition and body modification. However, he explains that he could have done a lot more.

According to Loffredo, his transformation into “Black Alien” was a lifelong endeavor. And now, his actions are making headlines. Let’s examine what he has accomplished in only four years.

Black Alien currently has black lines tattooed all over his body, black lines on his face, his tongue split like a lizard, and an unusual tattoo that makes his eyes black.

However, it’s not only tattoos. Loffredo has also undergone unique procedures to give his skull a reptilian-like shape, including the implantation of dermal implants. In addition, he has had parts of his cheeks surgically removed, giving them the appearance of pink lightning bolts, and he has dermal piercings on his nose, brow, and chin.

Loffredo had to travel to Spain to get the nose removed because it was forbidden in his own France.

“Thank you to you, @oscarmarquezbodymod you will have marked my life. Now I can walk with my head high, thanks to you. I am proud of what we did together,” he wrote on Instagram after his drastic nose job.

Black Alien revealed that he completed the next face in his metamorphosis earlier this year after also having his upper lip removed. displays brand-new “alien claw” He argues that only 34% of the transformation he wanted has been accomplished thus far.

Loffredo’s documenting his journey on Instagram, calling it the Black Alien Project. As of today, he’s got more than 850,000 followers. And his fans are stunned about the great lengths he’s willing to go.

Loffredo envisions having his skin removed and replaced with metal in the future. He also wants to change the back of his head, his fingers, his arms, and his legs. He’s already made the initial move.

Weeks ago, Black Alien shared pictures of his latest modification, showing an “alien claw” with two of his fingers removed. At the same time, as many of his followers praise him for being bold, others question his motive.

Meeting Loffredo in the streets would undoubtedly make some people nervous. He states that he has no trouble attracting people of the opposite sex despite his striking appearance.

Despite the extremeness of this physical modification, Loffredo has the support of his loved ones. Black Alien shared a photo of himself and his mother on UK Mother’s Day, and the post received thousands of likes.

“Mum tells them it’s not true – she doesn’t have nightmares when she looks at me,” he wrote in the caption. “I manage to put a smile on your face, and that for me is one of my best victories. A mother never judges her son.”

Black Alien fantasized about leaving Montpellier, France, and traveling to other nations in Europe. The aim? to observe how individuals from various cultures perceive him and respond to his alien appearance. Additionally, he plans to experiment with tattooing eyes and videotape their reactions.

He is not regretting one single modification he’s done.

“My only regret would be that I didn’t do it,” he said.

As previously indicated, Loffredo is unable to complete all of the surgeries in France because they are forbidden. He therefore made the decision to relocate to Barcelona, Spain, a city he genuinely loves.

“There are people of all ancestry here, and I like it,” he said, adding that he always gets curious looks from people passing by.

Loffredo stated in September that he is roughly one-third of the way through the “Black Alien Project.” What he will do next is unknown to us. Anthony Loffredo will undoubtedly continue to astound the world with his beauty, and it will be intriguing to watch how he will appear once everything is said and done.

He is currently going through a difficult time as he tries to obtain secure job; however, few employers are interested in hiring him due to his excessive body modification and tattooing.

Loffredo has expressed his unhappiness over his job search on numerous occasions, complaining that he is having trouble finding employment. He also emphasized the substantial difficulties brought on by his unusual appearance and the significant amount of hostility connected with it.

What do you think of Anthony Loffredo, the “Black Alien”? Do you think this is going too far, or is this kind of body modification something that happens naturally? Please leave a remark with your opinions.

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