Patrick Swayze With His Wife Dancing, Music Awards 24 years ago, Breathtaking!

Music Awards 24 years ago. Dance for the first time with each other on worldwide TV, Patrick Swayze and better half Lisa Nieme dance to the tune “All The Male That I Need” as a salute to the late popular song amamzing  Whitney Houston.

This dance was just a few years after Dirty Dancing was launched. Patrick Swayze was fit compared old, so this performance was a significant deal at the time. Enjoying it considering that he passed away in 2009 makes the clip even more powerful.

With their fluid movements, it’s clear Patrick and Lisa were destin  to dance together. It was no secret just how much he enjoyed her, a love that never ever seesawed throughout their 34-year marital relationship. The couple initially fulfilled in 1970 when Swayze was 18 years of ages and Lisa was a dancing pupil of Patrick’s mother.

If you didn’t capture it the very first time, make sure you watch it once more. What a remarkable moment in between these 2 angels!

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