Paralyzed Bride writes her own destiny. Perfect

This is story of 21 years old Gina Springhower whose life was full of joy, dream and aspiration. Gina was successful running her gymnastic business but one decision proved fateful for her. She also got good grades and had an active social life. But in March 2004, she went for a drive with her friend. This decision proved disastrous for her. She went out of the window during the crash and was paralyzed from waist down. It took her 9 months in therapy at CHI Rehabilitation Center. She eventually completed her college and returned back to take care of her business. She loves teaching tumbling to others. However, she always wondered whether someone would love him. Then she met John. On 13th September 2014, John and Gina got married in front of their loved ones. Watch the complete video to see the story of this paralyzed bride.

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