Owners’ romantic photo shoot made unforgettable by this incredible doggy

Dog owners’ Megan and Chris decided to go for a pre wedding photo shoot with their dog named Louie, in order to make things memorable. The participation of this incredible dog really made things memorable for them which are to be cherished for a lifetime.

The photographer was of the opinion that Louie was jumping and frolicking all the time during the photo shoot. The doggy was jumping in front of the camera while the shoot was on.


Louie might be jealous of Chris for being the fiancé of his owner, Megan.


This jealousy is a sign for things to come. Louie shall be there with his owners at every point of time.


Whenever Megan would snuggle up to Chris, Louie would try to do the same thing and he was barking all the time during this couples’ dance rehearsal until Megan picked him up.


The couple had already drawn lots attention after posting the photographs on Facebook.


Megan is of the opinion that though they were looking for a picture together to be hand up in their new room, but it seems that in each and every picture Louie shall also play an important role henceforth.



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