Old man stuns judges with his amazing voice. Gold

Miracles come in all shape in size. Did you know that the script writer of Dances with Wolves worked in a Chines restaurant washing dishes? Yes, it is true it was Kevin Costner who read the novel and decided to make a film on it. This video is about such talented man by the name of Pablo Lopez. This old man stuns judges with his sublime voice. He participated in Mexico’s Got talent and his amazing performance moved the judges to tears. In this type of reality shows, we often see young people who mesmerize the crowd. However, it is not common to see an old man to participate in such reality show. Here Pablo sings Bob Seger’s hit “Old Time Rock and Roll”. Even though English is not a prominent language in Mexico, the way Pablo sings amazes them.
See how this old man stuns judges and how the crowd reacted to his rendition.

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