Nurse narrates truth behind her bruised hand. Shocking

This is a heartwarming tale of two nurses Sharron and Susan. They worked rigorously to make sure that the patients are provided for and are comfortable. Susan asked Sharron why she was so calm and hasn’t spoken a word to her. Sharron disclosed to her that she needed a better paying job than the current one. She was having difficulty in taking care of her children with the money she was earning. Susan noticed bruises on her friend’s hand that she was trying to hide. The sad nurse narrates truth behind her life’s struggle. The nurse tells how she got married early and had three sons. Her husband was abusive and one day he knocked her teeth. Her friend was shocked to hear the story. The nurse narrates truth is a lesson for all of us who have achieved to our pinnacle.

A Nurse narrates truth behind her bruised hand. Shocking

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