Monster Alligator caught strolling at Florida Golf Course. Scary

No one likes to see a reptile up close as it is terrifying. But this is exactly what happened at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course. Buffalo Creek Golf Course is situated in Palmetto, Florida. Guests at this golf course encountered a monster alligator crawling on the grass. What was scarier is that it was biggest alligator ever to be capture don camera. Charles Helms captured the whole event on his camera. Upon closer inspection this monster alligator was around 15 foot long. The biggest alligator ever to be seen in Florida was around 14 pound and it weighed 780 pounds. None of the spectators bothered him and the alligator also didn’t bother them. Many viewers of this clips suspects that it was a fake one, but the golfers who were present there says that it was real. Watch this amazing moment here.

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