Mobile phone and its dangerous consequences

Several men were at the gym in the locker room, when a phone that was there on the bench ranged. A man among the midst put the phone on speakers and started communicating. All the men in the locker were eagerly listening to the conversation. On the other end of the phone, a woman started to speak and asked whether he was at the gym. Then the conversations led in another direction, the women told the man that she was out there shopping and liked a leather coat whose cost was $2000. The women asked whether it was okay to buy it, the affirmative answer from the man pleased the woman. She then told him about the Lexus car and it shall cost about $90,000, the man told her that at the price is too high, but was fine with it, the only condition he put forward that the car must include all the features. She also mentioned that a house that she wanted to purchase is on the market and the asking price is $980,000. The man told her to make an offer of $900,000, but if the rate is not sufficient, she may add the extra $80000. What happens next after the man hung up the phone is the real twister.

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