Meet the most eminent and cute bearded dragon Pringle on the Internet

Australia is the natural hub for the life
of some unusual animals, but sometimes these animals drag the attention due to
their sheer innocence, and if you wish to meet the one, then meet Pringle who
is a bearded dragon, and is quite eminent for its adorable acts and it also has
its fan following all across the globe. People admire the appealing acts of
Pringle on its blog, which gets regularly updated by its owners.

Competing in the Pokémon game with his

A special seat for the dragon

Come let’s celebrate Christmas together

Chilling out with gizmo on my back

Let’s do some skating guys

Shopping time, let’s buy grocery, not for
me by any means

What a great sunny day for a bike ride

Time to take a slumber with my teddy mate

Am I not looking majestic?

A real elegant guy

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