Man builds new home for homeless woman forced to sleep in dirt for a decade – thanks for your kindness

Few individuals spend the time to get to know a homeless person and discover how they came to be living alone on the streets.

However, a hero in Los Angeles did come to know the homeless woman who was camped out outside his house and took amazing action to aid.

Since her husband passed away and she lost her home ten years ago, Irene “Smokie” McGee has been residing on the streets of south Los Angeles.

The 60-year-old spent her nights sleeping on the ground while collecting recycling each day to sell so she could buy meals.

She spent the most of her nights camped out in front of an apartment complex, where one resident got to know her and learnt her tale.

“She’s a human being, a 60-year-old mother and grandmother sleeping in the dirt, it’s just not right,” said resident Elvis Summers.

Elvis and Irene became friends, and the young man decided to build Irene a house since he couldn’t tolerate the sight of her sleeping on the streets every night.

The good-hearted neighbor constructed her a house using $500 worth of wood that he had purchased, siding and roofing donated by a nearby business, and his own construction skills.

“I just wanted to build something safe enough and secure enough so she’d be warm and comfortable.”

Just five days later Irene finally had a roof over her head.

“It felt so good, I was so relaxed, I think I must have slept half the day,” Irene said of the first night she spent in her new 3.5 ft by 8 ft home.

Watch the video below to see Elvis construct this ideal little house.

Elvis really is a hero! To encourage others to assist those less fortunate than ourselves, kindly share.

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