Look at Burning Man strange photographs… these are really amazing

These photographs are from the Burning Man festival last year. This festival is full of joy and enthusiasm. In all the photos you will witness different perception of clicking photographs. These photos express several emotions in a quite appealing manner.

image 1

Perseverance of memory
image 2

Have you ever seen such exposure before?
image 3

Distinct looking man
image 4

A different angle to click such a masterpiece
image 5

Time for Salon
image 6

Prints of an artistic car
image 7

image 8

Glow sticks can create a great effect
image 9

Standing high in storm of dust
image 10

Long legs need to witness Playa-sunrise
image 11

image 12

image 13

What a nice view of Playa-sunset
image 14

image 15

Time for some stunts
image 16

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