Look At This Fog In Hungary, As It Almost Froze Everything In Its Way

carries different shades of it, and it is good when it is not showing brutal
shade, otherwise it can shake the human life, but sometimes it shows slight
different side of it to make the world aware for maintaining the natural
balance, similar sort of natural sight occurred in Hungary, when a fog froze
everything in its way

the fog started to come from the hilly forest, there was a drastic downfall in
the temperature, and it went beyond the point of normal fog.

showed its brutality and it froze the trees and even animals.

fog created the near death zone, and even the most experienced traveler would
feel himself in lethal danger.

looks so deadly.

is really hard to believe that a fog can become brutal and lethal like this but
it is the bitter truth, so always respect the nature and give your best to
maintain the natural balance.

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