Little pregnant paralyzed Daschund Maria’s Happy Ending

Some of the rescue videos of dogs are often so much budding that it remain to buzz even after watching it long before. This is one such story of a little pregnant paralyzed Daschund Maria who is truly inspiring. Maris was neglected in most of her life time. She was forced to breed by her owners when she was paralyzed down her rib for a few months. Soon she became pregnant being paralyzed. Daschunds have long, squat bodies so it becomes hard to deal with their problems of back and hind limbs. But it can easily be presumed that she became paralyzed just due the negligence. And added to it she became weaker even after breeding. Maria’s owners got to know that her C-section would cost $3000 which was only the way possible to deliver her litter by vets. So her owners thought better to abandon her instead to paying this huge amount. Soon after that a rescue organization in Texas named Friends of Emma saved this homeless abandoned Maria’s life by taking her with them. Maria was then first checked up by vet when she was predicted to have anemia due to severe flea infestation. She was also having other infections along with it. Maria was too much petrified about herself and also for the lives of her unborn babies. But as people expect that every story should have a happy ending, Maria’s story is also happily concluded. Watch the video to know about her and the babies.

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