Little Girl’s Reunion with Gorillas after 12 years will make you speechless.

A little girl, Tansy Aspinall was left at Howletts Wild Animal Park among the Gorillas in Kent, England. The little girl used to help the family’s charity in everyday works. The Aspinall Foundation works for rehabilitating the Gorillas living in the captivity. Their main aim is to leave the Gorillas back in their actual natural habitat in western Africa. The Aspinall Foundation released two gorillas twelve years ago, named Djalta and Bimms. Tansy went to Gabon along with her dad, Damian to see their old gorilla friends. And what happened after Djalta and Bimms heard the voice of Damian is simply amazing. Want to know how they responded, then watch this video of little girl’s girl reunion with Gorillas now. This is surely going to make you speechless.

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