Like always, this Husband misunderstood his wife

A husband was looking at his beautiful wife; since her birthday was near, he asked her what she wanted to do on her special day. His wife replied that she would like to be eight again. This statement gave the birth to a beautifully planned birthday celebration. On her birthday, the husband woke up early and gave her favourite cereals, went to Adventure Land theme park, where she engaged in all types of rides an 8-year-old usually do. From there the couple went to McDonald’s, ate fries and chocolate shakes. After eating they watched a movie together, had her favourite chocolate shake, popcorn and soda pop. After completion of all fun thrilled activities the couple arrived at home, the husband asked how she felt being treated as an 8 years old. The wife reply left husband speechless. Read the complete story to find out what exactly she said to him.

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