Lady Tells Mother To Breastfeed In Bathroom But This 5 Yr. Old Defends His Mom. This Is Gold.

At the mall today with my two babies. Almost 6 year old Timmy and almost 1 month old Addie. We are walking around and Addie gets hungry. I ask Timmy if he is hungry he says yes, so we go to the food court and order his favorite sesame chicken.

We sit down to eat and order Addie’s favorite boobie delight. I cover up and proceed to fill her belly. Timmy is eating his chicken, a Lady walks by with her food and child looks at me and huffs and dolls her eyes. She Then goes to sit down, I see her look at me again and she walks towards me and says, ever so rudely, “you do know there is a chair in the bathroom to do that, my child does not need to see you feeding yours here while She’s eating”.

I start to speak but my son cuts in and says “I don’t need to see your kid eating while I’m eating?” She says “She’s eating food with no body part showing”. He looks Back at the girl and says, “I can see her legs you can’t see any part of my sister”. The lady asked me if I let him talk to everyone like that. I said “How, truthfully?” She told me again that I should go to the bathroom.

Timmy got up and walked to her table, she asked what he was doing and he says, (this made me proud) “I was going to help you with your food to the bathroom too. If you think its okay for my sister to eat there then its okay for you to eat there too.” Lady said my boy is disrespectful and I replied “my boy is just a well educated 5 year old.”

Please share this with all the moms you know. The best thing a parent can do is make it safe for their children to speak up and defend themselves and their family.

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