Jonathan Jackson wows the crowd by singing “Unchained Melody”

Grand Ole Opry is great platform for nay country singer and musician. For many budding musician it’s a lifelong dream. In the month of September, 2015 Jonathan Jackson wows the crowd at Grand Ole Opry when he sang the all-time hit “Unchained Melody”. In this Nashville event, Jonathan Jackson captivated the crowd with his amazing voice. Jonathan Jackson is an Emmy Award winner and currently stars in Nashville show. He won the Emmy for his terrific acting in the General Hospital. According to many viewers of this video, they think that Jonathan rendition is among the best they have ever heard. The hit song “Unchained Melody” was released in the year 1965 by Righteous Brothers. At the end of this video you will see how Jonathan Jackson wows the crowd by crooning “Unchained Melody”.

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