‘Jeopardy!’ fans outraged after all three contestants get stumped on this prayer question

The most popular quiz show on television is Jeopardy!, where the most quick-witted and knowledgeable contestants respond to hints that confound most home viewers.

However, one seemingly simple clue regarding the Lord’s Prayer baffled all three contestants in a recent episode, much to the surprise of several Christian fans.

The $200 clue—the smallest and often easiest amount on the board—was read during the June 13 program by host Mayim Bialik in the category “Dadjectives.”

“Matthew 6:9 says, ‘Our Father Which Art In Heaven’, This ‘Be Thy Name.’”

Anyone who remembers learning the Lord’s Prayer in Sunday school will be familiar with the answer, which is “hallowed” (or rather, “what is hallowed,” per Jeopardy! regulations).

Even answers that seem simple on Jeopardy! sometimes confound participants, but the fact that no one understood one of the most popular prayers in Christianity seems to have touched a nerve among the faithful.

“Not one contestant on Jeopardy last night knew the answer to this…Are you waking up yet?” one Twitter user wrote.

“The Lord’s Prayer growing up was like knowing The Pledge of Allegiance. You just did,” one tweet says.

“While it may not be a sign of the end times, if DEFINITELY speaks volumes about Americans and their faith…or lack of,” another wrote.

Some viewers interpreted it as a sign of waning confidence in the US, while others were simply surprised they failed to recognize a fairly obvious indication.

“I’m an atheist and even I knew the answer to that lord’s prayer question,” one Twitter user said.

“My 4 year old niece got the answer on this Question on Jeopardy! Just wondering maybe the contestants never heard about The Lord’s Prayer?” another wrote.

“How can those Jeopardy! nerds not know this answer. Have they never listened to Iron Maiden?” another user joked, referencing the Iron Maiden song “Hallowed Be Thy Name.”

Some observers were astonished to find that every competitor was baffled by an apparently simple question, but others showed greater composure. Due of their low scores, two of the competitors may have chosen to play it safe rather than risk falling farther behind.

It’s also important to note that Jeopardy! routinely asks questions on Christianity and the Bible, and participants frequently get answers right to problems that even ardent churchgoers would find difficult. In fact, it’s such a typical area that some have complained that the show features too many Christian-related inquiries.

Additionally, Jeopardy! accepts contestants from diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs; it is very likely that these three contestants did not grow up in the same Christian environment as many viewers.

The Final Jeopardy answer was, “He starred in the 2 films whose soundtracks were the top 2 bestselling albums of 1978.” Despite the fact that the competitors were baffled by the Lord’s Prayer, they did a little better when it came to ’70s movies.

The appropriate answer? Travolta, John (The soundtracks included Grease and Saturday Night Fever). Suresh Krishnan, who was competing, won, extending his winning streak to six games.

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