Jakub Wejher statue looks like Darth Vader after snowfall, see it to believe

Wejherowo is town based in Northern Poland and it was founded by Jakub Wejher in the year 1643. He was declared as Sith Lord in the year 2016, but there is more to Jakub Wejher that meets the eye. For his true identity one must wait for the snowfall. After the snowfall, the statue looks like Darth Vader. It’s hard to imagine that it is even possible but it’s true. To know more follow this Reddit thread.

The original statue, commemorating the founder of this town

Jakub Wejher

This is what he looks like when after snowfall

Jakub Wejher

The dangerous Darth Vader

Jakub Wejher

Don’t just see this alone, pass it to other Star Wars fans as well.