Husband Makes Pregnant Wife Work 40+ Hours & Manage All House Chores — Family Finds Out on Thanksgiving Day

While their home underwent renovations, a woman and her fiancé opted to reside at the woman’s sister’s house. Throughout their stay, the woman observed firsthand the lack of assistance her pregnant sister received from her spouse. Despite working for over 40 hours, the pregnant sister also handled household chores on her own. At the Thanksgiving dinner, the woman resolved to impart a lesson to her brother-in-law.

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In November 2021, an anonymous female poster shared a poignant narrative in Reddit’s “AITA” forum. The woman, aged 24, recounted a story about her sister, 32, and her husband, 38, who was the epitome of weaponized incompetence.

Despite juggling a full-time job of over 40 hours a week, managing the entire household, and caring for their four children — 10F, 8M, 5M, and 3F — while pregnant, her sister’s husband contributed nothing.

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The woman found it astonishing that her sister woke up at 4 a.m., handled breakfast and chores, and got the kids ready for school, all while her husband stayed home, worked, and indulged in video games after she picked the children up. Notably, the woman mentioned that her sister actually earned more than her husband.

What Happened When OP and Her Fiancé Stayed with Her Sister?

While their home was being renovated, the woman and her fiancé, 26, had to stay at her sister’s place for six weeks. Since the couple worked from home, they were able to offer assistance, and the additional support made the woman’s sister feel happy and relieved.

He claimed the incident had made him the laughingstock of his family.

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The woman contributed by helping her sister with the kids, and her fiancé even drove her to doctor’s appointments. In contrast, the husband only acknowledged his parental role when his family was present, portraying himself as a god-fearing and hardworking father of five.

Despite the woman’s sister desiring to stop having children after the last baby, her husband insisted on having more boys. The original poster was concerned not only for her sister but also for her children, especially as the oldest began to recognize the situation and attempted to assist. However, OP’s sister, driven by pride, adamantly refused to let her child take on any responsibilities.

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OP admitted that she never got along with her brother-in-law, and his behavior had persisted since the birth of his eight-year-old son. Despite attempts to discuss the option of leaving, her sister was resistant and feared that her children would grow up in a broken home.

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Her perspective on divorce differed from OP’s, as her own experience with their parents’ divorce was vastly dissimilar. She believed that her kids needed both their mom and dad together and was reluctant to consider the potential benefits of a divorce, given her situation.

The Thanksgiving Dinner

The weekend before OP shared her Reddit account, her sister and brother-in-law hosted a pre-Thanksgiving potluck, where both their families were in attendance. Anticipating her brother-in-law’s lack of assistance, OP had stayed with her sister a few days prior to help.

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During dinner, as the conversation flowed, OP stated how she and her fiancé were trying to start a family. At this point, her BIL made an “off-handed comment” to the woman’s fiancé about the challenges of fatherhood. This remark triggered the woman, prompting her to retort, “[Like] you would know.”

Startled, he inquired about her comment, and she unleashed her pent-up frustration, labeling him a pathetic excuse for a man who left her 8-month pregnant sister to handle everything for their family. OP passionately expressed her sentiments for nearly ten minutes, leaving her BIL visibly uncomfortable in his seat. After that, she exited the scene.

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Later that night, OP received a call from her sister, who thanked her for standing up for her and conveyed appreciation for her support. But the very next day, OP received a nasty message from her BIL, accusing her of being a terrible person. According to him, her supposed lie in front of his family had angered his mom, who, in response, decided to move in with them to assist her sister.

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He claimed the incident had made him the laughingstock of his family. Despite his perspective, he firmly believed that she was at fault for the consequences. After everything that happened, OP couldn’t help but wonder if she was wrong for calling out her BIL for his questionable behavior.

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