Husband asks wife to lose weight, but what follows is shocking.

There are few people we know that are shallow and selfish. We could only pray that these types of people are far away from us, but not many people are that lucky. This is one such of a young wife who met with her husband after they just graduated. After dating him for a while they got married. After 1 year of their marriage, she became pregnant and gained 30 pounds. After birth, she weighed 155 pounds on her 5’3” body. Her husband asks the wife to lose weight or he would leave her. She would then work very hard so that she doesn’t lose him. She went back to her normal weight of 130 pounds and now the husband was satisfied. But things were going to change for fast as she encountered with her husband’s friend. This husband asks the wife to lose weight was absurd and offensive, to say the least. Read the full post to know what actually happened.

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