Here’s why raccoons are claimed as the galaxy guardians

Even after the month of release
Guardian of the Galaxy is still having a powerful impact on the box-office.
Rocket, the raccoon and the perfect co-star of Chris Patt’s can attributed a
lot for the wide success. Even though the film gets a PG-13 rating still some
of the parents have allowed their young children to watch the movie as it’s a quite
mouth foaming idea to see the raccoon driving the spaceship.

After all this is for a really good
reason. Raccoons are always awesome. Also sometimes they give weird expressions
as an animal but still they are really sure and cute. Below are some reasons
given that will tell you why the youth of America is so transfixed about
raccoons and the major reason behind the merchandising and gold mine ticketing
of Disney.

1.     This raccoon is quite
similar to the rocket as it knows where the gear head is.

2.     Raccoons become quite
tender at times

3.     Dude, how did this thing

4.     Raccoons probably could
search a better friend than this

5.     Surely this raccoon likes
it more

6.     Want a square dancing
partner? This raccoon could be the excellent one for you

7.     For the ladies , raccoons
provide the real smooth

8.     Your co-pilot Rocket can
surely handle the driver sit, while you are ahead and busy in texting.

9.     These cute raccoons might
be searching something in trash or planning out some surprise party for you

10.  Learn some hygiene basics
from this raccoon

source imgurcom

11.  Say prayers before bed-
these raccoons might be teaching this

12.  One, two, three go!!!

13.  “Hey buddy—- Let me just
hug you”

14.  For raccoons it doesn’t
matter whether they fail or succeed, they are always the winners.

15.  Why can’t you allow me

16.  is somebody watching the

17.  You have surely made this
raccoons the happiest of the happiest.

18.  Party time for this
raccoon!!! As if he is playing with the sprinkler believing it as a harp.

19.  It’s time for some deep
meditation. Might later this raccoon needs as ashtray too.

20.  Raccoons even look good in
the tuxes too because of their natural colour.

No doubt that the raccoons cause a
bit of menace while going through the garbage but still many people love these
little guys( might be from a distance). It is an noticeable fact that most of
the raccoons are wild in nature and can’t be as civilized as the Rocket –the
raccoon( although Rocket was an intergalactic bounty hunter who was having some
sort of drinking problem, therefore it’s not advisable to make them your pet
right away). But still man they are the little charismatic dudes… surely they

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