Happy marriage schemes by Tony Stoneking

A happy marriage schemes is definitely required to make sure that your spouse is happy with you. Tony stoneking came up with these 11 happy marriage schemes, which he followed in his 25 year long marriage life. He says that he is still learning but these tips will definitely serve the purpose.

  1. Simple things – he emphasizes that basic things like doing the dishwashing, and helping his wife with laundry or other household work really takes the pressure off her. These simple things make her feel that he also cares for this house.
  2. Respecting her needs – he also says that respecting your wife’s need is very important. Always ask what she needs for dinner before saying what you need to eat. While jogging set a pace which is comfortable for her not for you. It’s always about her first.
  3. Just be a good listener – we men have the tendency to solve problems, but women sometimes just want to share their problems, they are not looking for answers. The best you can do is, ask her more questions to dig up more. Keep patience and just listen to whatever she has to say.
  4. Be gentle – never be aggressive with your wife, otherwise she will find it extremely hard to get into an argument with you. Even if you don’t agree on something just don’t allow your emotions control the way you behave with her. Just make sure that you are gentle to her because you care about her, and don’t want to hurt her feelings.
  5. Be appreciative – always make sure that you are appreciating your wife with kind and gentle words. Often say thank you and please to make her believe that you are really appreciating her actions and work.
  6. Compliment her – your wife just loves you and that’s the reason she is with you, so never ever forget to compliment her. Whenever she tries anything new just say how pretty she looks. Make sure that when you are with your friends, you say things she does the best.
  7. Be responsible – men are always in charge of doing the trash or other repairing related things. But make sure that you be responsible for that and don’t throw these things at your wife. Always be ready to do these tasks on time and keep her away from your responsibilities, because she is already having too much on her plate.
  8. Be ready to constructive criticism – Make sure that you are listening to your wife when she points out your mistakes. Don’t overreact on her words, and try to understand the point she is making.
  9. Take her advice – always believe in her and make sure that big decisions are never made alone. Take her advice on things because sometimes we miss the perspective if decision is made single handed.
  10. Support her – always be supportive and that’s the best happy marriage scheme. Always support her dreams and never underestimate her.
  11. Say you love her – this is a very important happy marriage scheme and should be followed by others too. Always tell her that you love her, and whenever you do that make sure that you mean it. It makes her feel important in your life.

Your happy marriage schemes might be different from this, but these tips will definitely make your life satisfying and very joyful.

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