‘Fresh Prince’ star Alfonso Ribeiro shares devastating photo of his daughter 1 day before her 4th birthday

Ava Sue’s parents, Alfonso Ribeiro and Angela Ribeiro, have provided updates on her status via social media.

The small girl, who fell off her sit-down scooter the day before her fourth birthday, underwent emergency surgery on May 12 to prevent the potential of scarring.

Alfonso thanked the medical staff at Kare MD Skin Health in a post that included photos of his daughter’s wounds, which included severe burns on her right elbow, shoulder, and area around her right eye. He also expressed his satisfaction in Ava’s bravery.

Not the kind of day you want the day before turning four, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor remarked in an Instagram post. “Not the kind of day you want the day before turning 4. Just want to give a heartfelt thank you to [Kare MD Skin Health] for the emergency service and procedure to help lessen the likelihood of [scarring]. So proud of how brave my baby girl was during the surgery.”

Meanwhile, Ava’s mother, Angela, elaborated on the details of her daughter’s accident, saying she had a bad feeling that morning that Ava would be put in danger.She wrote, calling it “a vision/motherly intuition”

“I announced to the fam, kids, sitter & friends helping out getting ready for Ava’s birthday party that ‘we are not doing anything crazy or dangerous today that could potentially end up with an ER visit.’ I literally made everyone lock eyes to me when I said these words.”

But it was obvious that no one took Angela’s warning seriously enough because Ava fell from her scooter shortly after she had issued it.

MSN readers, click here to see the photos:

Ava was brought in right away after the accident to see Dr. Raffy at Kare MD Skin Health in an effort to reduce the possibility of future scarring.

“Not a fun way to spend your last day as a 3-year old, but she was a trooper,” Angela added.

“Giving this sweet girl some extra cuddles tonight.”

On May 12, the Kare MD Skin Health staff wished Ava a happy birthday on their own Instagram page.

“Thank you for the very kind words [Alfonso]. We are so honored to take care of your precious princess Ava. Best wishes for a speedy recovery,” they wrote in the caption.

I think we can all agree that every time one of our babies gets wounded, it’s terrifying. Thank goodness the infant of Alfonso and Angela is recovering nicely!

Do you recall any instances when your child was involved in a tragic accident? Your feelings at the time were what?

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