Father Daughter Dance dedicated to Bride’s late father

Shannon was a maid of honor always but not a bride. But the day she met Don, her love life started. Shannon and Don deeply fell in love with each other and at the same time she bonded with Don’s two children well. So she got an instant family. After they both got engaged, Shannon felt an intense desire that her father would dance in her reception. As we all know that father daughter dance is considered to be the most special moment for a bride in her wedding day. But unfortunately Shannon’s dad was detected with cancer and he died just prior to her wedding. She was completely wrecked. Shannon was disclosed the remarkable secret by Don just before their wedding which he was hiding for long from her. Don thought to dedicate a father daughter dance in a wonderful way to the bride’s late father. Shannon was firstly astonished to see Don dancing with a heroic choreographed routine accompanied by Jonny and Joey, her new stepsons. Don then changed then music at 3:08 and the actual climax came then. He paid homage to Shannon’s dad with many hand written cards and a T-shirt written on its back “Will you dance with me?” and also by placing a photo of her dad in front. There was nobody in the room who were not crying. Look on the video to view the moment.

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